B527BkSL = J527BkSL Powder Brush [H3088]

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B527BkSL Powder Brush D

Suitable for powder and blush. Designed specially for effortless makeup application, this brush will help you achieve a natural and flawless look. Apply your chosen color to the ends of the bristles of this flat brush. With the brush handle held vertical to your face, gently glide the bristles along your cheekbones. This will create a perfect, even finish, and help to blend colors beautifully.

【Product Info 】
Use: Powder, Blush, Buffing
Hair Type : Goat
Handle Type : Wood Handle/Black
Ferrule: Nickel-plated brass
Size: A. Full Length: 156.0㎜ B. Hair Length: 26.0㎜
C. Thickness: 26.0㎜
【The Basic Series】
Basic series selected brushes from each series which is easy to use and basic. (Only a long handle is available in the US.)