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Welcome to Hakuhodo.

We are proud to introduce hand-made makeup brushes to the world here. Our mission is to make the ultimate fude (hoo-de), the perfect tool. Fude help artists and makeup lovers of all levels achieve the pinnacle of application.

We use the term fude for our makeup brushes, which means brush in Japanese, because our makeup fudes (brushes) are manufactured with unique, time-honored methods. We never cut the tip of the bristles to make the shape of the brush head. Instead, we hand-sculpt and assemble them so that you can enjoy the benefits of the finest-quality fibers.

Hakuhodo stands behind the quality of the brushes we produce. Our artisans design each brush with the ideal shape, size, density and volume to maximize the excellent properties of our select materials.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have as you look at this website. Thank you.