Basic 10 pieces brush set - US [X0034]

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Basic 10 pieces brush set - US

We select our makeup set for applying yourself in accordance with the intended use.This is a basic set mainly selecting basic series brushes. The handle length is Long (SL) and it's the same as online individual brushes.
Details of the set:
B206BkSL, B110BkSL, J5521BkSL(=B5521GBkSL), J214BkSL, B004GBkSL, B142BkSL, G5513BkSL, J007HSBkSL, J5549HBkSL, B516BkSM, Soft case SM

Product Info
Use Set product covers all basic items!
Case Type
Polyurethane / 8 brush holders. External size: approx. 270mm x 230mm (10.6" x 9.1")
Wood Handle/Black Long Length
Ferrule Nickel Brass/Silver
Size 10 Pieces set for your perfect makeup. Let's begin from here!