Basic 10 Piece Brush Set (US) [X0034]

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Details of the set:

Powder - B206BkSL【Hair type: Goat & Synthetic, Hair length: 50.0mm, Total length: 190.0mm】

Blush - B110BkSL【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 38.0mm, Total length: 178.0mm】

Highlighter/Contour - B5521GBkSL【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 32.0mm, Total length: 167.0mm】

Eyeshadow (base) - B214BkSL【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 18.0mm, Total length: 153.0mm】

Eyeshadow (crease) - B004GBkSL【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 11.5mm, Total length: 146.5mm】

Eyeshadow (blending) - B142BkSL【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 18.0mm, Total length: 153.0mm】

Eyeshadow (detail) - G5513BkSL【Hair type: Horse, Hair length: 7.0mm, Total length: 147.0mm】

Eyeliner - J007HSBkSL【Hair type: Horse & Synthetic, Hair length: 6.3mm, Total length: 136.3mm】

Eyebrow - J5549HBkSL【Hair type: Horse, Hair length: 5.0mm, Total length: 140.0mm】

Concealer/Lip - B516BkSM【Hair type: Synthetic, Hair length: 11.0mm, Total length: 143.0mm】

Brush Case【Po901Bk Soft Case SM [H6308]】

The brushes in this set are SL (Standard Long) length and are the same as the individual brushes sold online.

Product Info
Use Powder, Blush, Highlight/Contour, Eyeshadow (base, crease, blending, detail), Eyeliner, Eyebrow, Concealer/Lip, Travel case
Case Po901Bk Soft Case SM (Brush Roll)
Wood / Black with Hakuhodo hologram (long length)
Ferrule Nickel plated brass