2019 Holiday Set [H6348]

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This set of 5 makeup brushes will quickly, easily, and certainly help you become the 'you' that you want to be. It has finally arrived in its new special design for the holiday season.

The handles are a beautiful gradation of Bordeaux red and crimson and the fine pearl will sparkle elegantly depending on the angle.

Only the softest, airiest hairs are used so you can enjoy the luxurious feeling of the brushes every time you use it, and anyone can achieve a natural makeup look without any difficult techniques.

This special design is available only for a limited time and limited quantity. Great as a gift or as a reward to yourself, be sure to get it as soon as possible, before it's gone!

Details of the set:

1. F3210 Ougi Maru (Blue Squirrel & Goat Hair)

2. G5545 Blush Brush round & flat (Blue Squirrel & Goat Hair)

3. F8431 Ougi Tsubomi (Blue Squirrel & Goat Hair)

4. B5520 Eye Shadow Tapered (Blue Squirrel & Horse Hair)

5. I-170N6 Lip Brush Flat (Synthetic Hair)

6. Po901Bk Soft Case SM (Polyurethane)

7. Hakuhodo Brush Cleaning Cloth


Product Info
Case Type
Polyurethane Material, holds up to 8 brushes, 10.6" x 9.1" (270 x 230 mm)
Handle Type
Wood Handle/Bordeaux Red
Ferrule Nickel Brass/Black