Basic 6 Piece Brush Set B (US) [X0037]
Basic 6 Piece Brush Set B (US) [X0037]

Basic 6 Piece Brush Set B (US) [X0037]

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Details of the set:

Blush - B110BkSM【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 38.0mm】

Eyeshadow - B004GBkSM【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 11.5mm】

Eyeshadow - G5513BkSM【Hair type: Horse, Hair length: 7.0mm】

Eyeliner - J007HSBkSM【Hair type: Horse, Hair length: 6.3mm】

Eyebrow - J163HSHBkSM【Hair type: Horse, Hair length: 4.8mm】

Lip - Retractable Push-Up Lip BkA【Hair type: Synthetic, Hair length: 9.5mm】

Brush Case【Po920Bk M Portable Case S Black [H6323]】

The brushes in this set are SM (Standard Medium) length and are about 1 inch shorter than the the SL (Standard Long) brushes sold online.

Product Info

Use Blush, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Lip, and Travel case
Case Po920Bk M Portable Case S Black [H6323]
Handle Type Wood / Black with Hakuhodo hologram (medium length)
Ferrule Nickel plated brass / Silver

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