Hakuhodo USA

Adding Color To Your Life

About Us

We are a retailer of fine makeup brushes (known as "fude"), artistic brushes and accessories. All Hakuhodo brushes are hand made in Kumano, Japan with the finest materials. Each brush is made by a team of outstanding craftsmen and skilled workers with decades of experience, who have honed their skills to create the ultimate makeup tool.

Hakuhodo brushes are officially sold on our website HakuhodoUSA.com and at makeup trade shows and our showroom in Torrance, California. We ship both domestically (within the US) and internationally.

If you have any questions regarding our company, products or brushes, please do not hesitate to contact us if our website cannot provide you with the answers you are looking for.

We hope that you will use and enjoy using Hakuhodo fude to color your life.

hand holding brush


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