How to Care for Makeup Brushes

Hakuhodo believes a makeup brush should be a tool which helps you create the complexion and makeup finish you desire.
We make Makeup tools to fulfill all your needs.
Follow the instructions carefully, to help your brush to last longer.

Video On How to Clean Brushes



Finishing brush, Powder brush and blush brush: 

Each time you use the brush tap off any excess powder on the bristles into a slightly curled palm of your hand. If any powder still remains, gently wipe it off with a cloth or soft  tissue. If you rub the bristles too strongly this may damage the hairs and cause them to shed.

Lip brush and eye shadow brush:

Gently sweep the bristles on a tissue or towel  to wipe off any excess product.
If you do this each time you use the brush it will not need to be washed as frequently.


Deep Clean


When the bristles start to smell or contain beads of makeup, wash them in lukewarm water.
Making foam with a fragrance-free soap, wash the bristles up to the ferrule (metal part).
Gently squeeze the bristles from the ferrule edge outwards with your fingers to remove makeup from the brush, then rinse the bristles thoroughly.
*Avoid cleaning the brush with a cleanser containing alcoholic solvent, except on occasions where you need to dry it quickly.
Alcoholic solvent damages both natural and synthetic hairs, causing them to shed.
*Using fabric softener or hair conditioner could impair the bristles ability to hold powder.


To prevent damage to the brush hair, comb the hair little by little from the tip of the brush.
Combing in the direction of the root to the tip of the brush, gradually work your way to the ferrule edge. Turn it over and comb likewise.


Gently remove excess water from the brush head with a towel, and use your fingers to gently reshape it.
Ensure the brush is not dried in the sun or with a dryer as it will damage the brush hairs. Allow the brush to dry naturally, away from heat.



If you use the brushes on a daily basis, place them in a holding container such as a cup or brush stand with the handle down. If not used daily, keep them in the plastic sleeve given at the time of purchase and lay flat.
This will prevent the bristles from becoming misshapen. If you do not use the brushes for long periods of time this may damage the hairs and cause them to shed.
Always store brushes in a clean and dry environment. For more protection and storage during travel, we recommend our brush cases.


In both professional and personal situations the brush head can become worn and the bristles start to shed.
Brushes should normally last between three to five years but this depends on the type of bristles and how often you use your brush.
When you feel the bristles cannot hold as much powder as before and the texture becomes worse, it is time to change your brush.
If the brush is left unused for long periods this will also cause the bristles to shed.
Using your brush on a daily basis is the key to making it last for years.