Handle Design Revision

Thank you for your continued patronage of Hakuhodo products.
Hakuhodo has been striving to develop the latest brushes and to improve productivity, based on the belief that brushes are the ultimate tool. There has been a design change for some products, and some products will be discontinued.

Starting November1, 2023, the following changes will be implemented:

-Brushes in the Basics and Selections collections will be updated to BkSLN handles, which will have a straight black handle, white logo, and silver matte brush name on the handle, once the BkSL handle sells out. Brushes in the Basics and Selections collections with the former BkSL handles, which have a curved/tapered black handle, silver logo and silver brush name, will be discontinued once sold out and be sold in the BkSLN handle.
-Brushes in the Basics and Selections collections will be available for Special Orders in the BkSS (black standard short), BkSM (black standard medium), BkSLL (black standard extra long), and ShSL (champagne gold standard long) handle. To customize your brush handle, please reach out to us at info@hakuhodousa.com