Best Bristles for Different Skin Types

Choosing by skin type

Oily Skin: Goat and Synthetic brushes are best for oily skin types because the bristles are durable and can tolerate being washed often. 

Dry Skin: Blue Squirrel is the most gentle bristle and suitable for those with dry, sensitive skin. However, blue squirrel hairs are delicate not suitable for hydrating powders or any types of products containing oil. Oil will clump the bristles and require frequent washing. Try to avoid over washing squirrel bristles to extend the life of the brush 

Normal Skin: Any type of bristle is suitable for normal skin types. 

Combination Skin: It is recommended that you use a mix of brushes with different bristles types for the different parts of your face as needed. Please see above. 

Choosing by Finish Preference

Glossy:  Goat and pony are strong bristles that will be able to buff and polish texture away, leaving the skin with a lustrous appearance. By sweeping the bristles over the skin, you can expect pores to be evenly covered as well, leaving a smooth finish. 

Matte: Blue squirrel hair has a soft texture; therefore the finished look will be more matte in finish because powder is finely applied to your skin in a light-diffusing layer.

Natural: Squirrel + Goat mix, or Goat + Synthetic mix brushes will yield a satin finish that looks like natural, healthy skin