How to use Makeup Brushes

Hakuhodo make the most of the hair tips and arrange bristles three-dimensionally. The makeup brushes we create are designed to distribute makeup as smoothly and as evenly as possible.

  1. By gliding the brush gently on your face, you can quickly and effortlessly achieve a flawless finish. Using our brushes correctly will help you create a seamless look and the brushes will last for years.



This brush is designed to apply and blend liquid or cream-based foundation quickly and evenly on  the surfaces and contours of your face.

We recommend that you use the brush to blend after applying a moderate amount of liquid or cream-based foundation to the skin on your forehead, cheeks and chin.

Using this brush to apply all types of powder effortlessly and evenly over the entire face.

To achieve an even and polished look, use the full surface of the brush from ferrule to tip by gently sweep the powder from the center of the face outwards in long, smooth strokes.


Finishing and Highlight

This brush applies and blends concealer smoothly and evenly to cover blemishes, pimples, and dark areas.

Load up your brush, then apply concealer to the areas of the face that you want to disguise, such as dullness under the eyes, around the nose, on blemishes, or around the lip line.

Finish your makeup and blend by gently tapping  and stroking the edges of these areas with the brush tip.

This brush can be used to apply all-over-face powder, blending, or removing any excess powder to create a radiant look after makeup is applied.
It can also be used for highlighting large areas of the face.
This brush will disperse powder evenly over the face and blend highlighter to complete your makeup.



Makeup is all about dimension. 
Sweep the surface of the brush gently along the skin to achieve an effortless, blended finish with your choice of face color product

This brush is designed for effortless contouring and highlighting.
Apply highlighter to the parts of your face you would like to accentuate, such as bridge of the nose, around the eyes and on the chin. 

It can also be used to shade parts of your face that you want to sculpt.

Eye shadow (Lid)

Eye shadow (Detail)

This brush can be used to apply eye shadow onto the whole upper eyelid area.
To achieve strong color payoff, hold the brush upright and sweep the brush from side to side repeatedly.

To create a more natural application, gently sweep the brush across the lid a couple times.

This brush is used to add dimension to your eyes.
 You can use it to create natural coloring with several strokes, blend colors together, smudge along the lashline, or highlight the corners of the eye.

Eye liner


For best results, start in the middle of the eye and pull outward. Then place the tip of the brush on the inner corner and draw to join the middle.

The thickness of the line is easily controlled using this eyeliner brush by varying pressure.
This brush can also be used with powder  to fill the gaps between eyelashes.

This brush applies color to the eyebrow to create a natural finish. Start at the arch of the brow and work your way to the outer end of the brow.
Fill the brow with color using short strokes, then smudge color to create a softer look by using remaining product in the bristles.


Designed to apply lip color and can also be used as a concealer brush.

Load up the brush with your lip color from the ferrule to the tip of the bristles.
Using the wide and flat side you can get an even coverage of lipstick in one sweep.

  • Move round-shaped brushes in a circular motion to pick up product on the entire surface of the bristles evenly and lightly.
  • For flat-shaped brushes, pick up makeup on both sides of the bristles.


This will help you achieve a seamless and flawless finish.

How to Pick Up Product


Pressed Blush

Dip the brush into the powder lightly and rub it in a circular motion on a puff to load the entire surface of the bristles with the powder, before applying to the face. With the brush head lay flat, pick up color on the surface of the brush.



 With the brush head lay flat, apply color evenly to both flat sides of the bristles. To apply the eyeliner smoothly, dip the brush into the eyeliner covering all the bristles.



While holding the brush vertically, apply powder to the brush. Dab any excess off on to the back of your hand.
This helps create a softer look.
Apply enough lip color to cover the bristles from root to tip.
Use both sides of the brush to apply the color to your lips.