The Anatomy of a Brush

What Makes Fude Special: Hair Tips 

Natural hair is the main material used for fude. Its tips play an important role in maximizing the features as fude.
"Tips of hair," in this context, does not simply mean the end part of the hair. The term indicates the physically thinner part found at the very end of the hair. The tips of hair in a brush head allow, the ink or paint to smoothly be picked up.
Therefore, extreme care is taken never to cut off or damage the tips during the fude production process.

Names of the different parts of fude

The touch of the brush depends on the condition of the distal end of the brush head. Being such an important part, the hair comprising it has been called inochi-ge (spirit hair). In fude production, especially high quallity hair is used for inochi-ge.
Hakuho-do not only produces fude for calligraphy and craftwork but also for makeup. The company became the pioneer in the field by creating makeup "fude" which are brushes with intact hair tips rather than make up "brushes" where the tips are trimmed away. Makeup fude are highly regarded for their ability to contain powders and lip colors, making it possible to produce any desired makeup effect.