Engraving Fee Information

Fees and Minimums

  • Engraving fee: $4.50 per brush
  • Minimum quantity: 6 brushes (can be different types)

Limitations - The engraving services is unavailable for the following items for various reasons:

  • Brushes made of kolinsky, weasel, or tamage hair (Brushes made with these materials cannot be imported into the USA and cannot be sold via HakuhodoUSA)
  • Fan brushes and Kinoko brushes with plastic / resin handle
  • "Tulip" Handle Kinoko Brushes (ex: kokutan and maple kinoko brushes, all sizes)
  • Cane-wrapped handle brushes. (ex: Yachiyo brushes, Mizubake)
    • Please note: Itabake brushes can be engraved
  • Portable slide brushes, portable lip brushes
    • other portable brushes can be engraved (ex: Misako brushes, Kokutan portable brushes)
  • "White Pearl Set" (a special edition set)
    • Other sets are available for engraving
  • Any metal handle products (ex: Round Kinoko, Flat Top Duo Fiber Kinoko)
  • Brush cases


  • Country of Origin: Brushes will be laser-engraved by machine at Hakuhodo's Japanese factory.
  • Estimated Turn Around Time: 4 - 6 weeks, including shipping from the Hakuhodo USA shop.


  • Font color (Choose One): Red, Blue, White, Gold, Silver or Brown.
  • Handle color: A different handle color can be chosen only if it is in the Basic (B Series) series.
  • Typography - Choose from the following two styles
    • "Cursive Handwriting Style" (up to 16 characters, counting both letter and spaces)
    • Chinese/Kanji characters (up to 8 characters)
  • Brushes: You can choose brushes from our Japanese website or our USA & International website, except for those that are unavailable for import or engraving detailed above.