Manufacturing process for our makeup brushes

Hakuhodo manufactures makeup brushes using traditional production methods. Our efficient production process combines the skills of various experienced craftsmen,  enabling us to provide a stable supply of high quality makeup brushes.

This ongoing production policy has earned us the honour of the first Prime Minister's prize, the Monodzukuri Japan Grand Award.

Brush Hair Procurement

We select and import only the best quality hair from Europe and China and only the finest of these are chosen and used by us.

Selecting the Best Hairs

All the hair is carefully combed to remove any hairs that have no tip, unbent or worn and any hairs we consider to be of inferior quality.
This can only be done by hand and by the most experienced of craftsmen.

Mixing Hairs

Hairs can be evenly mixed depending on their intended use or to stabilize product quality.

Arranging the brush head

Hairs are put into a mold to assemble and bundle them.
We never cut hairs to shape the bristles, which helps to achieve high brush performance. We have obtained an efficient patent for this production process.

Inserting hairs into a ferrule

& Handle setting

The bristles are inserted into a ferrule and glued together tightly.


Before any of our products are shipped,
we carefully inspect them individually to maintain our high standard and delivery of only the finest quality products.