B002BkSL = K002 Powder Brush round and flat [H5678]

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【Basic series】Basic series selected brushes from each series which is easy to use and basic. (Only a long handle is available in the US.)
K002 Powder Brush round and flat

Suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Bristles made from blue squirrel have little spring but are ultra soft, coverage will be natural and sheer. Less durable, so use the surface of the bristles gently with the handle held flat. Although it works well for lucent powder, it is not suitable for liquid or oil based products.

【Product Info 】
Use: Finishig・Powder・Highlight
Hair Type : Blue Squirrel
Handle Type : Wood Handle/Black
Ferrule: Nickel Brass/Silver
Size: A. Full Length: 185㎜ B. Hair Length: 50.0㎜C. Thickness: 13.4㎜ D. Width of the Ferrule Foot: 25.0㎜.
【The shape of the tip of the brushes】
Angled: It is easy to use because you do not have to adjust brush angle by yourself.
Flat: You can use this brush for Finishing, Powder, and Shading.
Round: Orthodox Powder Brush. It is suitable for applying powder evenly over your face with thinly.
Round and Flat: It is suitable for making your skin glossy.Its shape is easy to produce a color.
Pointed: It is suitable for producing a color because it has high hair density and you can enjoy gradation with ease. Also suitable for Blush and Highlight.