Eyebrow Palette [HA1745]

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Eye Brow Palette

Have you been using just one boring color on your eye brows? The image and features of your face could change greatly depending on your eye brows. Hakuhodo has made our own eye brow pallet in hopes for everyone to enjoy creating eye brows of their will with our brush. It is very simple to create natural eye brows by mixing and blending colors with our eye brow brushes. You will be able to change the colors of your eye brows to match the colors of your hair, colors of your clothes, your mood, and seasons by blending and creating your own natural colors easily by mixing colors with our palette brush. There are 6 colors in our palette. The colors match with different skin colors easily by mixing different colors and can also be used as eye shadow or eye liner. *Brush not included in the kit, please purchase brush separately. There are colors in the palette that you will not believe that it could be for eye brows, but when you mix colors in this palette, you can create a very natural colors that will go great with different colors of skin. You'll be sure to enjoy creating your eye brows!

【Product Info 】
A: Light brown - Can be blended with all the colors on the palette. It will look very natural to put on the outer edges of your brows.
B: Red brown - Can give warm coloring to your face. It will help with bright and younger impression to your skin.
C: Light gray - Goes great with ash or black coloring hair. Gives softer impression to your face.
D: Olive - Great with matt or black hair colors. Gives mature looking impression.
E: Gold - Great for lighter colored skin, you can mix with other colors on the palette to give a very natural look. You can also use as an eye shadow.
F: Dark Brown (wet & dry) - You may use to define your brows or as shadow liner. Also can be used with a little bit of water on the brush to use as an eye liner.
Weight: Net Wt. 9.5g(0.34oz)
Size: Length: 63mm x 70mm x 13mm (2.48" x 2.76" x 0.51")