G5521BBkSL Highlighter Brush Tapered [H5575]

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【G series】The brushes in our G range may herald a trend. Brushes with bristles combining a mix of blue squirrel and horse, brushes that can be used with water-based products, and the large and unique eye brow and lip brushes, are all new and unique brushes that will provide the highest level of precision and performance.

This unique tapered shape with the ends of the hairs making up the entire surface of the brush enables good control and distribution of product. A blend of blue squirrel and horse hair creates soft texture and appropriate resilience.

【Product Info 】
Use: Highlight
Hair Type : Blue Squirrel/Horse
Handle Type : Wood / Black
Ferrule: Nickel-plated brass
Size: A. Full Length: 172.0mm B. Hair Length:32.0mm