B181BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round flat
J181BkSLN Eyeshadow Brush Round & Flat [HB0647]

J181BkSLN Eyeshadow Brush Round & Flat [HB0647]

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Hair: Synthetic Fiber / Use: Concealer, Lip, and Eyeshadow (Detail)
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Formerly known as B181

This brush is an ideal tool for liquid or cream eyeshadow or eyeliner on the lash line. The brush enables you to draw a delicate and precise line, and also can be used for detailed concealing or lip lining.

S100 Series version: S181

S100Bk Series version: S181Bk

Larger version: i-S04B

Product Info

Use Concealer, Lip, and Eyeshadow (Detail)
Hair Type Synthetic Fiber
Handle Type Wood / Black
Ferrule Nickel plated brass / Silver
Size Full Length: 146 mm
Hair Length: 6 mm
Thickness: 2.8 mm

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