J127BkSLBkSL Eyeshadow Round & Flat [HA0706]
J127BkSLBkSL Eyeshadow Round & Flat [HA0706]

J127BkSLBkSL Eyeshadow Round & Flat [HA0706]

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Product Info
Goat & small amount of Synthetic
Wood / Black
Nickel plated brass / Silver

Full Length: 150.0mm

Hair Length: 15.0mm


Formerly known as B127GS/J127GS

The standard shape of the brush makes it easy to use on the entire eyelid, ans since the tip is wide but thin, you can easily adjust the strength of the shade you want. The brush works great with all types of eyeshadows, from matte to glitter.

Horse hair version: J127H

Smaller version: B004G

Larger version: B220GS / J021GS


【Basic Series】The Basic Series features classic brushes from various serious that are basic and easy to use. (All brushes sold on the website are Black Standard Long. Brushes in the Basic Series can be customized upon request: see Special Order a Brush.)

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