F8122BkSL Ougi Short
F8122BkSL Fan Brush [HA1366]

F8122BkSL Fan Brush [HA1366]

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Hair: Synthetic / Use: Eyebrow, Eyeshadow (Detail), and Eyeliner
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Ideal for drawing fine lines such as the lash line or eyebrows. Due to its great resistance.

Product Info

Use Eyebrow, Eyeshadow (Detail), and Eyeliner
Hair Type Synthetic
Handle Type Wood / Black
Ferrule Nickel plated brass / Silver
Size Full Length: 143.5 mm
Hair Length: 6 mm

【The Ougi Series】 Ougi Family Series is new concept brushes of fan brush type brushes."Ougi" is a Japanese word of "fan brush". Fan brushes are generally used for dusting excess or putting super light amount of cosmetics. It was renewed with specifications which had not been used for fan brushes, such as face powder brushes or even for eyebrow brushes.

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