I142EBkSL Eyeshadow Brush Round [HA1017]
I142EBkSL Eyeshadow Brush Round [HA1017]

I142EBkSL Eyeshadow Brush Round [HA1017]

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Hair: Synthetic / Use: Eyeshadow (Blending)
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One of the best selling eyeshadow brushes of all time. The smooth synthetic hairs provide a resilience and firmness that makes it a great blending brush.

Product Info

Use Eyeshadow (Blending)
Hair Type Synthetic
Handle Type Wood / Black
Ferrule Nickel plated brass / Silver
Size Full Length: 153 mm
Hair Length: 18 mm

【 I series】Made of 100% synthetic fiber - which enables you to achieve natural and sheer coverage. The amazing feature of synthetic fiber is less shedding and less color bleeding compared with a natural hairs. We developed to create density/softness and functional from our knowledge of natural hair. Brushes are exactly the ‘Innovative’ brushes leading new brush world.

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