Vermillion Handled Brush 5 pcs Set  - US
Vermilion 5 Piece Brush Set (US) [X0031]

Vermilion 5 Piece Brush Set (US) [X0031]

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Details of the set:

Powder - S104【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 50.0mm, Total length: 185.0mm】

Blush - S110【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 38.0mm, Total length: 175.0mm】

Eyeshadow - S133HS【Hair type: Horse & Synthetic, Hair length: 14.0mm, Total length: 155.0mm】

Eyeshadow - S149【Hair type: Horse, Hair length: 7.0mm, Total length: 140.0mm】

Eyebrow - S163HS【Hair type: Horse & Synthetic, Hair length: 4.8mm, Total length: 139.8mm】

Brush Roll Case【Po901Bk Soft Case SM [H6308]】


These 5 brushes selected from our S100 Vermilion Brush Range (the flagship range of Hakuhodo), come in our special brush case and enables you to easily store and carry them when you are on the go.

Product Info
Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow, Eyebrow
Case Po901Bk Soft Case SM (Brush Roll)
Wood / Vermilion with gold Hakuhodo hologram and Misako logo edge
24-karat gold plated brass with clear coating

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