Eye Brow Palette
Eyebrow Palette [HB1408]

Eyebrow Palette [HB1408]

Hair: / Use: Eyebrow
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Net Weight: 9.5g (0.34oz)

Dimensions: 63mm x 70mm x 13mm (2.48" x 2.76" x 0.51")

A: Light brown - Can be blended with all the colors on the palette. It will look very natural to put on the outer edges of your brows.
B: Red brown - Can give warm coloring to your face. It will help with bright and younger impression to your skin.
C: Light gray - Goes great with ash or black coloring hair. Gives softer impression to your face.
D: Olive - Great with matt or black hair colors. Gives mature looking impression.
E: Gold - Great for lighter colored skin, you can mix with other colors on the palette to give a very natural look. You can also use as an eye shadow.
F: Dark Brown (wet & dry) - You may use to define your brows or as shadow liner. Also can be used with a little bit of water on the brush to use as an eye liner.



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