S165Bk Eyebrow Brush Angled
S165Bk Eyebrow Brush Angled [HB0117]

S165Bk Eyebrow Brush Angled [HB0117]

Hair: Synthetic / Use: Eyebrow
Regular price$ 40.00

Short and resilient, this brush enables you to fill your brows naturally, especially the area from the arch of the brow to the outer end of the brow. Can be used with powder, cream or liquid products.

Horse & Synthetic hair version: S5549Bk

S100 Series version: S165

Normal handle version (similar): J5549

Product Info

Use Eyebrow
Hair Type Synthetic
Handle Type Wood / Black
Ferrule 24-karat gold plated brass with clear coating
Size Full Length: 140 mm
Hair Length: 5 mm

【S100Bk Series】The S100Bk Series is another luxurious-looking series, which feature identical brush heads as the S100 Series, but with black wooden handles instead of vermilion. Sumptuous to hold and superbly balanced for easy handling. The brass ferrule is 24 karat gold plated with clear coating.

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