Kinoko GmA Column
Kinoko (Kabuki Style Brush) GmA Flat [HB1280]

Kinoko (Kabuki Style Brush) GmA Flat [HB1280]

Hair: Goat and Synthetic / Use: Foundation, Powder, and Blush
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This portable brush is a great powder and blush brush. It is especially great for applying products with shimmer to achieve an elegant, beautiful look. It is also good for highlighting.

Product Info

Use Foundation, Powder, and Blush
Hair Type Goat and Synthetic
Handle Type Aluminum / Metallic Gold
Size Full Length: 48 mm
Hair Length: 23 mm
Thickness: 23.3 mm

【Kinoko & Fan brush】Our top-selling Kinoko brush range (commonly known under the name of a Kabuki brush) provides a medium to full application and our fan brush can be used for both powder and finishing. The roundish and compact shape is cute and fun to carry, ideal when you are on the go.

【Portable brushes】Our popular 'On the go' brush range. The small brushes do the work for you and are also easy to carry when you travel.

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