Kokutan Blush Brush S
Kokutan Blush Brush S [HA1507]

Kokutan Blush Brush S [HA1507]

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Product Info
Blue Squirrel & small amount of Synthetic
Wood / Kokutan (Ebony)
Matte black plated brass

Full Length: 155.0mm

Hair Length: 40.0mm

Thickness: 11.8mm


Blue squirrel hairs are extremely soft and thin, enabling a soft touch and gentle coloring. This brush is suitable for people with sensitive or dry skin, or for someone who prefers a natural, light-weight finish. A small amount of synthetic fiber is added to maintain the brush shape. For powder products. 

A similar brush is also available in the K Series as K020


【Kokutan Series】The handles in our Kokutan Series are made of Kokutan (Ebony) wood and are sumptuous to hold, perfectly weighted for exacting control. The Kokutan Series features brushes with precisely defined brush heads made from superior-quality hairs, such as blue squirrel, goat and synthetic blends.

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