G505BkSL=B505BkSL Blush Brush Round & Flat [HA0314]

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Product Info
Use: Blush
Blue Squirrel & Goat
Wood / Black
Ferrule: Nickel plated brass / Silver

Full Length: 178.0mm

Hair Length: 38.0mm

Thickness: 15.0mm


Formerly known as B505

This brush is relatively dense for a blush brush, and the bristles are a mix of blue squirrel and goat hair, which will give you a velvety soft touch. For powder products.

Goat hair version: B505GS

Goat & Horse hair version: G506

Smaller version: G5545

Larger version: G502 / G501


【Basic Series】The Basic Series features classic brushes from various serious that are basic and easy to use. (All brushes sold on the website are Black Standard Long. Brushes in the Basic Series can be customized upon request: see Special Order a Brush.)