G516 Concealer Brush [HA0333]

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Product Info
Use: Concealer・Lip
Wood / Black
Ferrule: Nickel plated brass / Silver

Full Length: 144.0mm (150.0mm when the cap is closed)

Hair Length: 11.0mm

Thickness: 3.0mm


Formerly known as B516BkSM

The bristles of this brush are round and flat, which is ideal when used to apply concealer to the areas of your face you want to disguise, such as under the eyes or around blemishes. The brush has a cap so you can close it and carry it around for touch ups. Also great as a lip brush.

Similar brush: Retractable Cover Lip

Smaller version: i-S04B / B181

Larger version: i-S07

【G Series】The brushes in the G Series feature many trend-setting brushes, such as brushes combining blue squirrel and goat hairs, various liquid foundation brushes, and eyebrow and lip brushes that are large and easy to use, just to mention a few. The G Series is a wonderful collection of makeup brushes that leads the way for new possibilities.