Basic 5 pieces brush set - US

Basic 5 Piece Brush Set (US) [X0016]

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Details of the Set:

Powder - B531BkSM【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 45.0mm】

Blush - B110BkSM【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 38.0mm】

Eyeshadow - B004GBkSM【Hair type: Goat, Hair length: 11.5mm】

Eyeshadow - G5513BkSM【Hair type: Horse, Hair length: 7.0mm】

Eyebrow - J5549HBkSM【Hair type: Horse, Hair length: 5.0mm】

Brush Case【Po901Bk Soft Case SM [H6308]】

The brushes in this set are SM (Standard Medium) length and are about 1 inch shorter than the the SL (Standard Long) brushes sold online.

Product Info

Use Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow, Eyebrow, and Travel case
Case Po901Bk Soft Case SM (Brush Roll)
Handle Type Wood / Black with Hakuhodo hologram (medium length)
Ferrule Nickel plated brass / Silver

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