Botan Bake Vermillion
Botan Bake (Kabuki Style Brush) Vermillion [HB1325]

Botan Bake (Kabuki Style Brush) Vermillion [HB1325]

Hair: Goat / Use: Powder
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Densely packed and with moderately elasticity, the traditional powder brush from Hakuhodo enables you to deliver powder with moderate to full coverage.

Product Info

Use Powder
Hair Type Goat
Handle Type Wood / Vermilion
Size Full Length: 53 mm
Hair Length: 28 mm
Thickness: 38.4 mm

【Kinoko & Fan brush】Our top-selling Kinoko brush range (commonly known under the name of a Kabuki brush) provides a medium to full application and our fan brush can be used for both powder and finishing. The roundish and compact shape is cute and fun to carry, ideal when you are on the go.

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