F3521BkSL Fan Brush Duo Fiber Flat [HA1270]

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Features:A fan brush ideal for swiftly and seamlessly applying liquid and cream foundation. Compared to using the fingers, you can use a significantly smaller amount of product in order to create a natural, luminous effect. Also recommended for applying sun screen.

【Product Info 】
Use: Liquid foundation、Sunblock
Hair Type : Synthetic fiber
Handle Type: Wood / Black
Ferrule: Nickel-plated brass
Size: A. Full Length: 168mm; B. Hair Length: 28.0㎜
【The Ougi Series】
Ougi Family Series is new concept brushes of fan brush type brushes. Ougi is a Japanese word of 'Fan'. Fan brushes are generally used for dusting excess or putting super light amount of cosmetics. It was renewed with specifications which had not been used for fan brushes, such as face powder brushes or even for eyebrow brushes.