G6051BkSL Kebo (Dusting Brush) [HB1124]
G6051BkSL Kebo (Dusting Brush) [HB1124]

G6051BkSL Kebo (Dusting Brush) [HB1124]

Hair: Blue Squirrel / Use: Highlight and Contour
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This brush is designed with blue squirrel hairs, creating a natural finish that is even and light. The size is ideal for highlighting and contouring, making it a versatile tool for applying powder products.

Goat & Synthetic hair version: J6051

Smaller version: G6090 (eyeshadow) / G6080 (eyeshadow) / G6070 (highlight)

Larger version: G6050 (blush) / G6040 (blush) / G6020 (powder)

Product Info

Use Highlight and Contour
Hair Type Blue Squirrel
Handle Type Wood / Black
Ferrule Nickel plated brass / Silver
Size Full Length: 180 mm
Hair Length: 40 mm

【G Series】The brushes in the G Series feature many trend-setting brushes, such as brushes combining blue squirrel and goat hairs, various liquid foundation brushes, and eyebrow and lip brushes that are large and easy to use, just to mention a few. The G Series is a wonderful collection of makeup brushes that leads the way for new possibilities.

【The Kebo Series】The Kebo brushes have long been used in the traditional Japanese craft of Maki-e to dust on the gold powder on the lacquer decoration with precision. The Kebo brushes have been reimagined to be used as makeup brushes, to enable the airiness of the brush to produce colors on the skin that look as if it is glowing from within. The Kebo brushes are feathery light and fluffy, helping distribute the right amount of product softly but evenly on the skin to build the ideal look. We offer a varied array of Kebo brushes using different hairs and sizes to match with any cosmetic you may wish to use it with.

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