I520BBkSL Foundation Brush Round & Flat [HA1048]

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Product Info
Use: Liquid Foundation
Wood / Black
Ferrule: Nickel plated brass / Silver

Full Length: 160.0mm

Hair Length: 30.0mm


A foundation brush which helps to apply a sheer and seamless layer of foundation. This brush has good water absorption and used synthetic hairs that have a bounce, so it is great for tapping in the foundation into the skin for a sheer, natural and long-lasting foundation base.

Similar brush: B519S / I519

Duo fiber version (similar): J545


【I Series】The I Series consists of 100% synthetic fiber brushes. The amazing feature of synthetic fiber is that it sheds and color bleeds less than natural hairs, and that they work great with liquid and cream products, in addition to more durability and longevity compared to natural hairs. Based on our knowledge of natural hairs, we developed the synthetic fibers to have the just the right amount of density, softness, and functionality. Our synthetic line is the ‘innovative’ brush line setting a trend in the brush world.