S195Bk Eyebrow Brush [HA0130]

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Product Info
Use: Eyebrow・Mascara
Wood / Black
Ferrule: 24-karat gold plated brass with clear coating

Full Length: 156.0mm

Hair Length: 12.0mm

Thickness: 6.0mm


The brush side is designed for smudging and evening out your eyebrows, while the comb side is designed for combing your eyelashes to get rid of any clumps.

S100 Series version: S195

Kokutan Series version: Kokutan Eyebrow Comb

Normal handle version: B029


【S100Bk Series】The S100Bk Series is another luxurious-looking series, which feature identical brush heads as the S100 Series, but with black wooden handles instead of vermilion. Sumptuous to hold and superbly balanced for easy handling. The brass ferrule is 24 karat gold plated with clear coating.