Genuine Leather Brush Case L [HA1721]

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Genuine Leather Brush Case L

Outer material is made of softest cowhide. Not voluminous and fit perfectly corresponding to the number of brushes. Lining can be wiped with water, it is easy to wipe powder off. As a manufacture of makeup brush, We Hakuhodo has been developed with protection of the tip of the brush paramount in thinking. Including professional case with 7 wide folder. A gusset is made wider, its capacity is larger-than-expected. Cover part is made to be wide margin for the tip of the hair. You can store this item without harming the tip of the hair. (Also, this is hand-made in Japan)

【Product Info 】
Use: Makeup Brush Case
Hair Type :
Handle Type :
Capacity: 7 Holders
Size: A. Full Length: 18.3" x 9.0" (465x230mm)