I263N5BkSL Eyebrow Brush Angled [HA1037]

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Product Info
Use: Eyebrow・Eyeliner・Lip
Synthetic Fiber
Wood / Black
Ferrule: Nickel plated brass / Silver

Full Length: 147.0mm

Hair Length: 7.0mm


An eyebrow brush made of 100% synthetic nylon fiber which has a great spring and can also be used for gel or cream eyeliner.

Horse hair version (similar): J162H

Water Badger hair version (similar): B264


【 I Series】The I Series consists of 100% synthetic fiber brushes, which pair fantastically with liquid and cream cosmetics. Used with powder products, they will offer a natural and sheer coverage. They have been engineered to recreate the softness and smoothness of natural hairs and are more durable and work better with wet products than their natural hair counterparts.