I523N6BBkSL Lip Brush Flat [HA1063]
I523N6BBkSL Lip Brush Flat [HA1063]

I523N6BBkSL Lip Brush Flat [HA1063]

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Hair: Synthetic / Use: Lip
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A lip brush made of 100% synthetic nylon fiber, which has more spring compared to synthetic polyester. This brush is great at picking up product and the wide flat shape allows you to easily cover the entire lip with just a few swipes.

Narrower version: I170N6

Shorter version: B180

Horse hair version: J523HS

Smaller portable version: Retractable Push-Up Lip Brush

Product Info

Use Lip
Hair Type Synthetic
Handle Type Wood / Black
Ferrule Nickel plated brass / Silver
Size Full Length: 146 mm
Hair Length: 11 mm

【 I series】Made of 100% synthetic fiber - which enables you to achieve natural and sheer coverage. The amazing feature of synthetic fiber is less shedding and less color bleeding compared with a natural hairs. We developed to create density/softness and functional from our knowledge of natural hair. Brushes are exactly the ‘Innovative’ brushes leading new brush world.

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