Ita Bake 45
Itabake (Traditional Powder Brush) 45 [HA1671]

Itabake (Traditional Powder Brush) 45 [HA1671]

Hair: Goat and Synthetic / Use: Foundation and Contour
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This thick and flattened brush offers a quick and even application of makeup, suitable for all types of products including liquids, creams and powders. It is traditionally used in Japan for 'Shironuri', a unique makeup style featured in Kabuki/Geisha makeup which involves applying liquid and paste base products for a whitened complexion.

Product Info

Use Foundation and Contour
Hair Type Goat and Synthetic
Handle Type Wood
Size Full Length: 80 mm
Hair Length: 23 mm
Thickness: 10.5 mm

【Japanese Traditional Brushes】The traditional Japanese makeup brushes that Hakuhodo continue to manufacture are perfect for use in our everyday lives, as an excellent and handy makeup tool.

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