J9002BkSL Blush Brush [HB0825]
J9002BkSL Blush Brush [HB0825]

J9002BkSL Blush Brush [HB0825]

Hair: Goat / Use: Blush
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A blush brush with exquisite steps on the tip. The tips of the bristles are evenly distributed on the top surface and apply a nice, thin color, and by moving the tips of the bristles so they don't separate from the skin, it creates a feeling of adhesion and creates a beautiful, even finish. It goes well with liquid and cream cosmetics, and can be moved easily without clumping or dragging against the skin, making it easy to control the amount.

Product Info

Use Blush
Hair Type Goat
Handle Type Wood / Black
Ferrule Nickel plated brass / Silver
Size Full Length: 163 mm
Hair Length: 28 mm

【J Series】Our brand new J Series introduces the next generation of makeup brushes as we have carefully selected the materials and designed the brush shapes. The natural hairs used in this range have not been dyed, so they are in their original color, which mean the bristles will not lose any color. This brush range provides moderate resilience and produces great coloring, and the bristle shapes available include not just our most standard shapes, but also many new innovative brush shapes.

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