K016 Eye Brow Brush and angled
K016 Eyebrow Brush Angled [HB0182]

K016 Eyebrow Brush Angled [HB0182]

Hair: Hog / Use: Eyebrow
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An eyebrow brush made of hog hair. The hog hairs are resilient, stiff and wire-like, which help to offer good control and great pigmentation.

Product Info

Use Eyebrow
Hair Type Hog
Handle Type Wood / Black
Ferrule Nickel plated brass / Silver
Size Full Length: 145 mm
Hair Length: 4 mm
Thickness: 2.6 mm
Width: 6 mm

【K series】Especially selected for ease of use, the brushes in our K range comprise a wide range of shapes and hair types. Popular with everyone, from makeup beginners to makeup artists.

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