Kimono Brush Flat [HA1941]
Kimono Brush Flat [HA1941]

Kimono Brush Flat [HA1941]

Hair: Goat / Use: Kimono care
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This brush, made from resilient yet soft goat has been especially developed to use for dusting off Kimono. With this Kimono brush, gently dust off the parts of Kimono, such as shoulders and sleeves - the areas where dust easily gathers.

Angled version: Kimono Brush Angled

Product Info

Use Kimono care
Hair Type Goat
Handle Type Wood / Vermillion
Ferrule 24 karat gold plated brass with clear coating
Size Full Length: 205 mm
Hair Length: 45 mm
Thickness: 8.5 mm

【Japanese Traditional Brushes】The traditional Japanese makeup brushes that Hakuhodo continue to manufacture are perfect for use in our everyday lives, as an excellent and handy makeup tool.

【S100 Series】The S100 Vermilion Brush Series is the flagship series of Hakuhodo. Crafted for ease of use, our S100 series features a wide variety of brush types. The handle is made of wood colored in rich vermilion, a traditional Japanese color. The handle broadens slightly towards the bottom. Sumptuous to hold and superbly balanced for easy handling. The brass ferrule is 24 karat gold plated with clear coating.

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