Kokutan Fan Brush [H5649]

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【Kokutan series】The handles in our Kokutan (Ebony wood) range are sumptuous to hold, improve as you use and are perfectly weighted for exacting control. These brushes feature precisely defined brush heads made from superior-quality blue squirrel, goat and synthetic blend.
Kokautan Fan Brush

Our traditional Japanese brush, flat and compact - particularly useful when you are on the go for your mid-day touch-ups. The most remarkable feature of this brush is that the entire surface of the bristles is curved. This makes the most of the hair tip and allows the bristles to pick up the correct amount of powder, evenly distributing it on your face. This particular shape enables even makeup beginners to achieve a natural and polished look.

【Product Info 】
Use: Powder,Blusher
Hair Type : Blue Squirrel/Goat
Handle Type : Wood/Ebony
Size: A. Full Length: 61.5mm; B. Hair Length: 36.0mm;
C. Thickness: 14.0mm