Kokutan Kinoko (Kabuki Style Brush) Small [HA1539]

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Product Info
Use: Highlight
Goat & small amount of Synthetic
Wood / Kokutan (Ebony)
Ferrule: Matte black plated brass

Full Length: 55.0mm

Hair Length: 30.0mm

Thickness: 19.0mm


Our Kinoko brush has a rich density and amazingly smooth texture. The moderate resilience of the goat hairs can provide you a natural and seamless finish with full coverage. The goat hairs are blended with a small percentage of synthetic fiber, which helps maintain the brush shape and stabilize quality. For powder products. 

Available in 3 size variations: L size (powder), M size (blush), and S size (highlighter).


【Kokutan Kinoko Series】With a full head of soft luxury goat hair, our top-selling Kinoko brush range (commonly known under the name of a Kabuki brush) provides a medium to full application. The brushes are named after the unique round shape of the 'kinoko', or mushroom. This is ideal to achieve a good fit to the curves and contours of your face. The roundish and compact shape is cute and fun to carry, ideal when you are on the go.