S5555 Powder & Liquid Angled
S5555 Powder & Liquid Foundation Brush Round & Angled Duo Fiber (2mm) [HB0008]

S5555 Powder & Liquid Foundation Brush Round & Angled Duo Fiber (2mm) [HB0008]

Hair: Goat & Synthetic / Use: Foundation
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The synthetic hairs in the top layer are 2mm longer than the goat hairs in the second layer, meaning the bristles have more spring that enables them to pick up just the right amount of product. This helps create a smooth finish to your makeup, while also helping it last even longer. The brush works perfectly with any type of foundation - liquid, cream and even powder.

Larger version: S5557

S100Bk Series version: S5555Bk

Normal handle version: G5555

Product Info

Use Foundation
Hair Type Goat & Synthetic
Handle Type Wood / Vermilion
Ferrule 24-karat gold plated brass with clear coating
Size Full Length: 170 mm
Hair Length: 23 mm
Thickness: 21.7 mm

【S100 Series】The S100 Vermilion Brush Series is the flagship series of Hakuhodo. Crafted for ease of use, our S100 series features a wide variety of brush types. The handle is made of wood colored in rich vermilion, a traditional Japanese color. The handle broadens slightly towards the bottom. Sumptuous to hold and superbly balanced for easy handling. The brass ferrule is 24 karat gold plated with clear coating.

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