G5519BkSL Powder Brush [HA0456]
G5519BkSL Powder Brush [HA0456]

G5519BkSL Powder Brush [HA0456]

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Hair: Blue Squirrel / Use: Powder and Blush
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Formerly known as B5519

This ultra-soft powder brush allows you to pick up more of your favorite powder product to give your complexion a natural finish. It features bristles made of delicate blue squirrel hair that provide a luxurious, gentle texture.  When using the brush, users are encouraged to be gentle to avoid bending and/or damaging the bristles.

Blue Squirrel & Goat version: B505

Narrower & less dense version: K020 / Kokutan Blush Brush S

Longer version: B002 / Kokutan Powder Brush M

Product Info

Use Powder and Blush
Hair Type Blue Squirrel
Handle Type Wood / Black
Ferrule Nickel plated brass / Silver
Size Full Length: 178 mm
Hair Length: 38 mm
Thickness: 15.5 mm

【G Series】The brushes in the G Series feature many trend-setting brushes, such as brushes combining blue squirrel and goat hairs, various liquid foundation brushes, and eyebrow and lip brushes that are large and easy to use, just to mention a few. The G Series is a wonderful collection of makeup brushes that leads the way for new possibilities.

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